Here’s the thing: I LOVE talking about productivity. I love reading about productivity. I love listening to podcasts about productivity. I love being around productive people who like to sit around and discuss productivity. So I thought it might be fun to introduce a series called #GetProductive for those who are on the same journey. We all…Continue Reading “#GetProductive: Where do I start?”

Coffee cups. Politics. Refugees. Religion. Let’s all just take a few minutes to scream at one another to get it out of our systems. I’ll wait… Feel better? Be sure to check your social media feeds at this point because it is very likely you have missed one of your sorta-kinda friends saying something that…Continue Reading “The Art of Outrage – How to Be Appropriately Offended By Everything”

Why do we care so much about things that don’t really matter? I was thinking about this recently in the specific context of the church. If you’ve been connected to a local church for very long, you may have noticed how people can sometimes be more passionate about music style, pastoral habits, and worship times…Continue Reading “The Law of Triviality: Why Everyone Cares About Things That Don’t Matter”